Travelling with Medical Cannabis: Essential Guidelines and Tips 

Travelling with medical cannabis can be a complex and daunting process due to the varying laws and regulations across different countries. At Cantourage Clinic, we understand the importance of ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey for our patients. Here are some essential guidelines and tips to help you navigate this process effectively:

1. Research and Understand Destination Laws

Before you travel, contact the embassy of the country you are intending to visit. They can provide detailed information about whether you can bring your medical cannabis with you. Laws vary significantly from one country to another, and some places have strict regulations or outright bans on cannabis, even for medical use. Start this research well in advance of your trip to leave plenty of time for any necessary preparations.

Key Points to Research:

  • Legal Status: Determine whether medical cannabis is legal in your destination country.
  • Permitted Quantities: Understand the legal limits on the amount of cannabis you can carry.
  • Forms of Cannabis Allowed: Some countries only allow certain forms, such as oils or pills, and prohibit others like flowers or edibles.
  • Required Documentation: Verify what specific documents are needed to prove your legal use of medical cannabis.

2. Gather Necessary Documentation

Ensure you have all the required documentation to verify the legality and necessity of your cannabis medication. This typically includes:

  • Medical Certificates: A letter from your healthcare provider stating your need for medical cannabis. You can do this via the Cantourage Clinic Patient Portal if you are a patient with us. 
  • Prescriptions: Official prescription documents, a paper copy is always the best. It doesn't hurt to have a back up digital copy in case you lose the hard copy. 
  • Identification: Carry a valid ID that matches the name on your medical documents.

Additional Documentation Tips:

  • Translation of Documents: In some cases, having your medical documents translated into the language of your destination country can be beneficial.
  • Photocopies: Carry multiple copies of your documents in case the originals are lost or confiscated.
  • Contact Information: Have contact details for your prescribing doctor and Cantourage Clinic in case authorities need to verify your information.

3. Pack Cannabis Securely and Discreetly

When packing your medical cannabis, it’s advisable to:

  • Keep it in Original Packaging: This helps verify its authenticity and legality.
  • Store it Accessibly: Place it in a part of your luggage that is easily accessible for inspection if required.
  • Travel-Sized Amount: Carry only a travel-sized amount that adheres to the legal limits of both your departure and destination locations.
  • Separate from Other Belongings: To avoid any confusion, keep your medical cannabis separate from other personal items.

Packing Tips:

  • Label Clearly: Ensure that all containers are clearly labelled with your name, the dosage, and the prescribing doctor’s information.
  • Use Odour-Proof Containers: To avoid drawing attention, use containers that mask the smell of cannabis.
  • Place in Hand Luggage: Keeping your medical cannabis on you at all times, will help with security checks, for example vape batteries require being in hand luggage to pass security checks. It is also best practice to put oils in your hand luggage for the best protection. 

4. Inform Relevant Authorities

Consider informing relevant authorities, such as the airline staff, airport security, or customs officials, about your medical cannabis prior to travel. This proactive approach can prevent potential issues or misunderstandings during your journey.

When to Inform:

  • Before Booking: Check with the airline to understand their policies on carrying medical cannabis.
  • At Check-In: Inform the airline staff when checking in for your flight.
  • Security Checks: Proactively disclose your medical cannabis to security personnel to avoid suspicion or delays.

5. Prioritise Safety and Compliance

Always prioritise safety and compliance with local laws. This means being aware of and adhering to the legal restrictions on the amount of cannabis you can carry, as well as any specific regulations regarding its transportation and use.

Compliance Tips:

  • Stay Informed: Keep up to date with any changes in the laws of your destination country.
  • Use Discreetly: Be mindful of where and how you use your medical cannabis, especially in public spaces.
  • Emergency Plan: Have a plan in case your medical cannabis is confiscated or if you run out during your trip.

Important Considerations

Remember, some countries do not allow the importation of medical cannabis under any circumstances. It's essential to confirm the specifics with the embassy of your destination country to avoid legal complications.

Final Checks:

  • Double-Check Regulations: Laws can change frequently, so double-check the regulations close to your travel date.
  • Alternative Medications: Consider carrying alternative medications that are legally acceptable in case you cannot bring your cannabis.

Contact for More Information

For more detailed information or specific enquiries, you can contact Cantourage Clinic at We do strongly advise that you take on your own research independently, to ensure that you are covered and protected when travelling.

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