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Cantourage Clinic is patient-centred and strives to provide high levels of care and excellence for both existing patients and those wishing to join our service. 

We have been experiencing a high level of activity over the last couple months and it is imperative that we continue to deliver the highest quality care for the patients currently under our supervision.

For this reason, we have decided to temporarily pause accepting new patient applications until September.

Statement from Emma Donoghue, Clinic Director at Cantourage Clinic:

'The interest in our services has been overwhelming and our priority is to help as many people as possible in the 'right' way which means delivering the quality of care that they deserve. Cantourage is a patient-centred clinic we have therefore decided to pause our patient intake until September so that we can deliver the highest levels of service to our existing and incoming patients.  When we launched in March we knew that our services would be popular but we never imagined such a need for our offering. We are honoured that so many people want to join the Cantourage community and we are excited to welcome them all. For the remainder of August we will be pausing our patient intake to ensure that all of our existing and incoming patients are treated with the utmost care and personal attention that they deserve.'

If you would like to become a patient at Cantourage Clinic, please visit our homepage and click on BOOK A CONSULTATION, your details will be saved on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as we can welcome you into the Cantourage community. 

About Cantourage Clinic Ltd

Cantourage Clinic is a CQC registered clinic, combining a team of qualified specialist physicians, nurses and educators with cannabis industry professionals; joining forces with the sole focus of providing care and excellence for patients wishing to explore cannabinoid therapies.

For more information on how Cantourage clinic could help, click here for more information.

Cantourage Clinic offer specialist consultations for the following conditions.

- Pain

- Psychiatry

- Neurology

- Gastroenterological

- Oncology

- Palliative Care


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