Introducing the can° portal.

We held a patient user survey and discovered some elements and areas for improvement, so we got to work! Our brand new portal is all about putting the power of managing your health back into your hands, focusing primarily on simplifying the process of submitting repeat prescriptions and offering real-time tracking of your orders.

Easy Access, Seamless Experience

Getting started with the can° portal is easy. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  • Click on this link.
  • Select "Forgot Password" to begin your new account setup.
  • Enter your email address in the box provided. An email will guide you through the setup process.

Once you've completed these steps, you're in. Welcome to the can° portal!

What Can You Expect from the can°Clinic Portal?

  • Order Tracking: Keep a close eye on your orders from processing to dispensing of your medication.
  • Repeat Prescription Submission: No more fussing with access codes or repetitive patient details – submit repeat prescriptions with just a few clicks.
  • Direct Communication: Reach out to our team effortlessly through web chat or email for any queries or concerns.
  • The can° portal is designed to revolutionise the prescription submission process, making it user-friendly and easy to understand.

Your Feedback Matters!

We are intending to frequently update the portal, adding new features, enabling us to reshape patient care, we can't emphasise enough how important your feedback is. The can° portal is a dynamic entity, committed to constant improvement, and your insights and suggestions are welcome. Many more enhancements will be making their way to you in the coming months.

How Can You Share Your Feedback?

Dive into the can° portal and let us know your thoughts. Whether you have ideas for improvement, run into any issues, please let us know!

Ready to explore the can° portal? Click here to access it now.

Thank You for Joining Our Journey

A heartfelt thank you to each member of our community for being part of our commitment to delivering patient-centric care. We're eagerly awaiting your feedback and can't wait to continue enhancing your healthcare experience with the can° portal.

Best Regards,

The Cantourage Clinic Team

About Cantourage Clinic Ltd

Cantourage Clinic is a CQC registered clinic, combining a team of qualified specialist physicians, nurses and educators with cannabis industry professionals; joining forces with the sole focus of providing care and excellence for patients wishing to explore cannabinoid therapies.

For more information on how Cantourage clinic could help, click here for more information.

Cantourage Clinic offer specialist consultations for the following conditions.

- Pain

- Psychiatry

- Neurology

- Gastroenterological

- Oncology

- Palliative Care


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