Eligibility Check

Before starting your medical cannabis journey, we will need to determine your eligibility. This process will involve a review of your medical records followed by an initial consultation. This is to ensure Cantourage Clinic can develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. Our full eligibility process is outlined below:

The first step to accessing medical cannabis is checking your eligibility. This will involve filling out our eligibility questionnaire and providing us with a copy of your medical records. Our clinical team review your health determine If you are suitable for assessment with Cantourage Clinic.

Medical cannabis is eligible to patients in the UK for a number of conditions, including :

● Pain 

● Neurology

● Psychiatry

● Gastroenterology

● Oncology

● Palliative Care

Your Initial Consultation

If you are eligible for assessment, we will then send you a link to book and pay for your consultation. This appointment will be with one of our GMC specialist registered doctors. In this consultation, we will answer any questions you have and determine the best approach to your treatment.

On the date of your initial consultation, you will receive instructions on how to connect with one of our specialists online. This appointment will be via internet video conferencing (tele-health). Please contact the clinic for information regarding home visits, as consultation fees differ from our online service.

The price for an online initial consultation is £149; you will need a follow up with a specialist after your first 4 weeks of treatment. This appointment is charged at  £74. 

Starting your treatment

After your first two consultant appointments, you must have follow-ups every 3 months and complete any evaluation questions emailed to you by the clinic. You will be able to book follow-up appointments online with a specialist, for £74 per appointment or choose to continue with a prescribing healthcare professional for only £29, providing you book a review with your consultant every 12 months. Please note there may be occasions where seeing a specialist more frequently is necessary to meet your specific needs. 

Following the initial online consultation, your specialist will create a treatment plan, addressing your individual clinical needs. You can then arrange for medication delivery direct to your door, and you are able to begin treatment .

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our clinic. You can contact us via webchat, email us at: contact@cantourageclinic.com or call us on: 020 8050 9596 to talk through your needs - we will be happy to help.

About Cantourage Clinic Ltd

Cantourage Clinic is a CQC registered clinic, combining a team of qualified specialist physicians, nurses and educators with cannabis industry professionals; joining forces with the sole focus of providing care and excellence for patients wishing to explore cannabinoid therapies.

For more information on how Cantourage clinic could help, click here for more information.

Cantourage Clinic offer specialist consultations for the following conditions.

- Pain

- Psychiatry

- Neurology

- Gastroenterological

- Oncology

- Palliative Care


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